The Event

The weekend festival sees an array of Formula 1, supercars, bikes and heritage cars taking on the 1.16 mile Hillclimb, which challenges the world's greatest drivers and riders, including today's Formula 1 and Moto GP stars.


To activate their event sponsorship and to tap into cardholders' passion for motoring, MasterCard turned to Goodwood’s digital partners, Engage Sports Media. Engage's brief was to immerse & engage as many cardholders as possible in the adrenaline and thrill of the motoring event. 

Promotional video for MasterCard campaign with Mad Mike encouraging fans to film him and #FOS their uploads.


Engage designed an experiential campaign to encourage event attendees to film Mad Mike, the Red Bull Drift ace when he screamed up the infamous Hillclimb. To incentivise people to share their content, the Priceless Surprises team rewarded people who posted with some Priceless experiences, including the adrenaline fuelled chance to take on Goodwood’s famous Hillclimb in a supercar, and a meet and greet with racing legend Stirling Moss.


Engage used Sonar, its geo-location and keyword tracking technology to find the content across multiple social media platforms and then ‘made a movie’ out of the fan-generated content. Engage also created in-stream and big-screen content that was shown at 15 minute intervals. Engage verified, gained clearance, and attributed the use of fan content across all media ahead of, during, and after the event. 


The seamless blend of live-action highlights, fan-generated content & social media chatter produced a video output that when combined with advanced publishing methods - achieved over 28 million views of MasterCard’s branded content over the Festival weekend.

Engage's Sonar Technology demo