We agreed annual views targets of

9.3M views (equates to 173k per week)

3.7% engagement rate


We are currently ahead of targets. 

Specifically we've delivered

234k views per week on average

3.8% ER on average


NB/ We also agreed sentiment targets. And whilst those are being met (80% joy target), this is measuring all social media output so is not specifically measuring video. Once we are delivering content with hashtags we can track sentiment at video level.


Views to date


This is a familar pattern for sports publishers, where most views come from Facebook. However, YouTube is the minutes watched leader 


3.1 million on Facebook

195k on Instagram

261k on YouTube

185.3k on Twitter

3.7m total views


Engagement Rates to date


This is a very strong engagement rate and among the highest of ESM partners. This is testament to how engaged the Godolphin audience are, and they have become more engaged over the last few months. To give some context, I have benchmakred against other horse racing and breeding pages later in the document.


2.8% on Facebook

21% on Instagram

1.2% on YouTube

4.2% on Twitter

3.8% overall


Page Likes & Subscriptions


New followers (since working with ESM):

Facebook: 12.0k

YouTube: 984

Instagram: 6.2k

Twitter: 4.4k

Total: 23.6k


We can see that Facebook video views are driving page likes with a high correlation (0.75), this is higher than any other media such as image posts (a 0.46 correlation). This is partially due to Facebook ranking video higher than anything else but also reflects well on the content.

The relationship between video views and Facebook page likes (the blue line) is clear below. The same relationship is true on other platforms.



Views by week since Feb 1

New Followers / Subscribers by week since Feb 1



Most Viewed


Surprisingly the most viewed video since Feb 1st was a the Jockey Challenge video (embed below). 

The 2nd and the 3rd most viewed videos are

Rejected foal pt 2 - 238k views

Thunder Snow downtime - 213k views

This reflects a general pattern on the channel that films focusing on the horse itself deliver the most views for Godolphin, whereas race based content delivers less views. 



Most Engaged (total engagements)


The jockey challenge (above) is the most engaged clip, a close second is Thunder Snow taking some downtime (embedded below), with an impressive 3.2k engagements.



Most Engaged (% Engagement Rate)


The most engaged video by % Engagement Rate is a Charlie Appleby Race preview (embed below) with 11% ER. However, views are very low at 1300, especially compared to the top horse focused videos which are delivering 100x as many views. Clearly with videos such as this you are speaking to a very niche audience of race fans, arguably Godolphin superfans, of which a large % are engaging by liking the post. However, the shelf life is short on a clip like this, as well as the appeal to a wider audience (compared to a video of Thunder Snow, say).


Other top videos by % Engagement Rate:

John O'Shea Day 2 preview - 11%

Charlie Appleby DWC race previews - 10%



Subtitles / Graphics


Up to 50% (in this example: 31%)  of your viewers on each video watch with the sound off, by adding subtitles we allow viewers to digest the story without the need for sound on (e.g. in an office)

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 16.54.58.png




It's important to know where your digital video growth places you against similar pages.

With Godolphin's recent growth they have overtaken pages such as Ascot in terms of monthly views. Particularly impressive coming from a smaller subscriber base. 

In terms of relative engagement (this accounts for variances by platform e.g. Instagram is much higher), Godolphin is a leader.

Pages such as Kentucky Derby show the potential reach of horse racing and should be seen as long term targets.


What can we do next?




Good progress made here with pages such as Kentucky Derby sharing videos 

(of which a recent example had 90% share views)

Formalise long term top tier partners for sharing e.g. Ascot (Godolphin)

Grow relationships with third party sites (Engage and Godolphin), challenge here is how we incentivise pages to share e.g. via access, share swapping, tickets and so on.





We've started reposting content with considerable success. But there's a lot more potential.

March & April - 7 reposts

May onwards - 10 reposts per month

This has added 256k views to date.

ESM partner Goodwood repost 200 videos per month and have doubled viewing as a result.

With reposts set for every single video produced from now (and multiple times), this numbers will naturally increase, as will views and page likes. 

We could target increasing this volume to 30-50 reposts per month (every video reposted plus archive video reposts)


Driving page likes


We are creating endboards and other callouts that will direct viewers to like and subscribe to your various pages.

Asking key Godolphin partners to ask their followers to like and subscribe to Godolphin too is important (e.g. Ascot, influencers)


User Generated Content


Engage are working on a plan to create UGC based content for Godolphin. Horse based content will need to be gathered using our social tracking tool, and curated and edited to create an engaging piece. This type of content has been among the most engaging content for sports publishers and is a key driver of engagement.