Views over time

Uploads during the Montreal ePrix had among the best return of views this year


Formula E during the Montreal ePrix

Views over time

Comparison with F1 over the same period



Most Viewed

The most viewed video during the Montreal ePrix was Sebastian Buemi's post-race conversation had 565k Views and an Engagement Rate of 0.4%.

Most Engaged

FIA's announcement that Porsche has joined Formula E had an Engagement Rate of 4.9x on Facebook

Audience Also Watches

We can see here that people who watch Formula E content online are also watching F1, IndyCar Series, WTF1 and Red Bull Racing content, as well as almost 2000 other brands/pages.  

Most Influential Twitter Users

The following Twitter users have all tweeted or retweeted about Formula E. These are Twitter users with large followings, with high Klout (Twitter influence) scores. Forbes, the Guardian and Reuters were the most influential Twitters users who had tweets mentioning Formula E

Share of Audience

The chart below shows that 94% of Formula E mentions come from Twitter.  

Top Logos

At Engage, we used advanced tools to track logos in images used throughout social media.  We have found that the Audi logo was the most prevalent logo picked up by our tools, which means that 25% of all logos founds in images relevant to Formula E were of Audi.

Main Interests

This measures the percentage of individuals who share an interest.  These interests are assigned to individuals based upon the content they post about and that of their follower/following networks post about.  We can see below that people who post about Formula E are interested in cars and motor sports. 

Most Mentioned

This measure the most mentioned authors (people active on social media) within a conversation (Formula E) by the percentage of posts which mention that author on Instagram.  We can see that Formula E's own Instagram page is the most mentioned.

Most Retweeted Post



Julius Baer's YouTube views spiked during the Montreal ePrix

Michelin's views on Facebook were close to 500k throughout the Montreal ePrix and dipped after event.


Visa's Facebook page saw a spike in views during the Montreal ePrix, which dropped off after event


Allianz saw great spikes in video Views on Facebook (blue) and YouTube (red), which tailed off post event. 


Sentiment Analysis

Our tools can track the sentiment and emotion of social media posts.  Formula E has a more positive sentiment than negative, and joy is, by a distance, the most regular emotion tracked by our tools when analysing Formula E

Emotion Analysis


This is a comparison of an interest's popularity against similar interests, relative to Formula E fans' posting habits.   




Word Cloud

The Word Cloud tracks words commonly used by Formula E fans.

The graph below shows that the automotive sector has been the most engaged of 2017, thus far.  Formula E falls into this sector (and entertainment), as does a number of its partners and sponsors. This is encouraging and Engage can help drive this engagement to Formula E.



This chart benchmarks Formula E's views and engagements against similar brands. F1 has a far greater level of engagement, which shows there is a market for not only the automotive sector but also motor sports.  

Relative Engagement: This is a relative measure that takes into account the fact that some platforms are more engaged than others e.g. Instagram has a high engagement rate and YouTube low. 1.0x is the average across all platforms.  


Formula E vs Goodwood

We can see in the graph below that Goodwood, who currently work with Engage, attracts far more views than Formula E.  


F1 Subscriber Growth

The chart below shows that Formula 1 has the highest increase in subscribers across all channels of all motor sports brands over a six month period, from the the start of the year to the beginning of August.  This shows a demand for motor sports content.



The list below is of influential Twitter users who have mentioned Formula E.  From this, we can find influencers who could be useful for Formula E digital campaigns and content.  We can specify our search for influencers further, to find those who have a larger/smaller following on Twitter, are from particular locations and/or language, sentiment or gender.