Goodwood Road and Racing

Their events bring together some of the most celebrated racing car manufacturers, skilful drivers and passionate fans.

  • 3 Major annual events: Revival, Festival of Speed and the Members’ Meeting where thousands gather to see iconic vehicles doing battle on the track or the Hill Climb in the grounds of this country house estate.
  • Engage has helped Goodwood to build a social following of 1.1million and to deliver approx 12million hours viewed of multi-platform video content per year.
  • Brands previously involved on the ground at these events include MasterCard, Ferrari, Rolex, Credit Suisse, Shell, and all of the major car manufacturers.

Content packages available:

FIRST GLANCE (track tests to road-trips, we drive latest road cars & test newest technologies)

SUPERCARS (meet designers, visit factories, explore world's fastest & most desirable supercars)

OVERDRIVE (tiniest workshops & glamorous events, discover passions of classic car scene)

INSIDE TRACK (blend of creativity and obsession, behind-the-scenes look at the personalities at Goodwood)

RACING ON THE EDGE (celebrate modern motorsport, from Formula 1 to NASCAR, from World Rally to MotoGP…)